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Personal Information

As you are 17 or younger you will need to complete this form with your Parent or Guardian and provide their details below. Please do not complete this form without them.

Emergency Contact Information

In the event of an emergency please provide the following details for someone we should make contact with.

Medical Declaration


Power Craft training is a physically and mentally demanding pursuit. Candidates may be exposed to higher than normal levels of physical and mental stress. Consequently, candidates should only commence training if they are physically and mentally fit.

Surf Lifesaving Great Britain (SLSGB) and Bournemouth Lifeguard Corps (BLGC), accepts no responsibility for accidents or injuries as a result of pre-existing medical conditions. Furthermore, SLSGB and BLGC require all candidates to indicate if there are any reasons why they many not commence Power Craft Training.


Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire

Regular exercise is associated with many health benefits, yet any change of activity may increase the risk of injury. Completion of this questionnaire is a first step when planning to increase the amount of physical activity in your life.

Please read each question carefully and answer every question honestly:

Risk Assessment

This risk assessment details some of the hazards that are consistent and local to BLGC IRB activities. The hazards have been assessed and controls implemented to reduce the likelihood or severity of one or all of these hazards causing you or anyone else harm.

Click the link below to view the risk assessment.

Bournemouth IRB Risk Assessment v1.1

If there are any questions or items within the risk assessment that you do not understand please contact the Boatswain before accepting the declaration below.

Wrapping Up

Some or all of the information provided may be used or given to emergency services in the event of a situation whereby the Boatswain, a trainer, or a committee member deems it necessary.

By submitting this form you agree that you have read and fully understood everything provided within it and answered all questions honestly.

Should you leave BLGC or no longer wish to engage in activities with BLGC for any reason, you may request in writing for any information provided in this questionnaire to be destroyed and removed from our database.

You will receive an email copy of this form for your records.
As I am aged 17 or younger I also confirm that I have completed with form with my Parent or Guardian.