Inshore Rescue Boats

We use the Surf Lifesaving GB approved IRB - Arancia 3.88 and training procedures the are specifically designed for use by lifeguards.

The use of Inshore Rescue Boats has given us a fantastic new lifesaving tool for use along the coast of Bournemouth, and also opened up doors for us to compete in national IRB sport competitions.

At Bournemouth Lifeguards we are fortunate enough to have several IRB's at our disposal, numerous crews, drivers, and trainer assessors - the biggest presence in the area.

No only do we use our inshore rescue boats for there main purpose of saving life, we compete against other lifesaving  clubs across the country in order to rehearse and master the lifesaving techniques.


In 2013 we were luckily enough to have been supported by Sport England to purchase our very own Inshore Rescue Boat (IRB).

The IRB donated by Sport England has given us the ability to take that extra step in water safety and sport.

Bmouth IRB
National Lottery and Sport England - Portrait (RGB)