At the Beach

Patrolling at the beach takes place between 1st May – 30th September on weekends and bank holidays.

Beach Training

Beach training takes place on Tuesday evenings at Durley Chine between 1800-1930 during the patrol season. Weather permitting we also train on Saturdays outside the usual patrol season.

Seniors & Cadets train with all lifeguard equipment, and learn new skills to implement whilst patrolling at the weekend.

Beach Operations

The operational headquarters of Bournemouth Lifeguard Corps (BLGC) is situated at Durley Chine. Approximately 100 metres of the actual chine at groyne 7. BLGC patrol from 1st May – 30th September at weekends and bank holidays between the hours of 1000 and 1800 hours. Operational duties extend for 30 min either side of these times.

The patrol zone extends from the Bournemouth/Poole town boundary (groyne 1) to Bournemouth Pier. Members of BLGC can patrol at the beach from 14 years of age in a beach patrol role once they have passed a survive and save award and a beach competency test.

The beach operations are co-ordinated by a Senior Lifeguard who is responsible for the overall safety of the beach and the other BLGC lifeguards & Beach Patrol personnel. The senior lifeguard is responsible for delegating jobs to BLGC personnel to insure that all duties are carried out in a professional manner. When actively patrolling the beach there will always be a minimum of 2 RLSS or SLSGB Beach Lifeguards.

All lifeguards have access to personal first aid kits & a VHF radio for communication between other lifeguards. Additional duties are also undertaken including:

• Lookout • Radio Operator • First Aid Duties •  Inshore Rescue Boat Patrols • Board Patrols

Patrol Responsibilities

Lifeguards are expected to arrive at the beach at 09:30 on patrol days in order to ready the base for operational duties and get watercraft available for use. It is expected that regular lifeguards will make themselves available at this time. Obviously if lifeguards can only attend for part of the day this is appreciated (We are after all, volunteers).

At 09:45 the senior lifeguard for the day will lead a briefing session outside the operations room which will identify:

• Senior Lifeguard
• Operational responsibilities for the day
• Weather and Tide Considerations
• The RNLI lifeguards working at Durley Chine for the day.
• The operational crew for any powered craft.
• Also to give a chance for all the team to be introduced to one another and identify skills that can be utilised during the day e.g. Lifesaving instructors, those with extended life support skills.

Beach operations are coordinated from the hut operations room via the communications officer throughout the day. The operations room maintains close links with both the coastguard and the Poole bay control room which has links with all lifeguard facilities in Poole bay.

Inshore Rescue Boats can be deployed at the request of the Coastguard, Poole bay control or instigated in house in response to an emergency.